Ashton Lane on a Wednesday Morning

Excluding the time I forgot I had an essay due at pm that day, I don't think I have ever been at the univesity library as early as I was today - and for no reason!
The best thing about walking through Glasgow West End early on a Wednesday morning must be that you get Ashton Lane all to yourself.

The Grosvenor Cinema and Ketchupin Ashton Lane at 8pm

Tonight, I'm trying something which I've never tried before - a Burns' Night Supper, which is a celebration of theScottish poet Robert Burns.
I'll apparently be trying some fancy haggis and dancing to traitional Scottish music, i.e. bagpipes. Theevent is held at Stirling Castle so it should be pretty spectacular.Wish me luck!

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Tiffany & Daisy

21.01.2014 kl.13:56

Velkommen! ^^

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