Burns' Night Supper at Stirling Castle

Last night was so much fun, and I can definitely confirm that traditional
Scottish dancing, ceilidh, is definitely both fun and exhausting!
I also tasted haggis for the first time although the haggis was actually
the starter, not the main course.

Last night's menu

Quick bathroom selfie...

The hall we were in was the hall in which Mary Queen of Scots baptised
her son, James VI, in 1566, so it has a lot of historical significance.
James VI's baptism lasted for three days, and it was the first time
fireworks were displayed in Scotland. We got to watch a pagan fire show
outside the castle at the end of the night, very interesting to see!

The basement of Stirling Castle and the roof of the great hall

During the meal, several Robert Burns poems were read out, including
"Address to a Haggis", which is one of the strangest poems I have ever
heard! Burns visited the castle in 1787, so it was very fitting that the night
was held there.

We also got to hear a motivational speech by Olympic gold medal winners
Etienne Stott and Timothy Baillie.

The great hall and the fire show outside the castle at the end of the night

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