Having studied all day, I'm just having a quiet night as we're travelling to
London tomorrow morning. I made seafood risotto with kale and asparagus.
Mussels, prawns and squid is always a favourite in this house! After dinner,
I made a strawberry and lime smoothie with greek yoghurt. Ever since I got
a blender after Christmas, some truely delicious soups and smoothies
have been created in this house, and it's so simple!

We got this as an advent candle but it's so cute I didn't have the heart to
put it away with all the other Christmas decorations so it's staying out on
the coffee table with our new (admittedly optimistically spring inspired)

One of my least favourite things to do is packing but considering it's
already almost 10pm, I'd better get started. At least this time tomorrow
we'll be in London!

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