Recommendation - Vespbar

Last Friday, I had lunch in a restaurant I have wanted to try for a long time - Vespbar. The first thing
that attracted us like magpies to shiny things? They are (probably) the only bar/restaurant in
Glasgow which has prosecco on tap. While we ended up not even drinking prosecco, the trip was
worth it just for the decor of the place.

It had a typical 50s/60s disco/diner feel to it, which I loved, and the music was good as well.
I ordered crab and ricotta tagliatelle, and got crab and ricotta penne, which I wasn't entirely pleased
about (no, pasta is not just pasta...) but I was willing to overlook that as throwing a hissy fit over
lunch on a Friday isn't entirely socially acceptable.

The food was good but not great. However, I suspect the clientelle at Vespbar are most likely to
order pizza, which is what my friend had, and their pizzas looked absolutely lovely. They also have
some really enticing cocktails, although we ended up going to another bar for a cosmo instead.

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