Man Flu

I have such a bad cold today but seeing as I had some pretty interesting
lectures and seminars on today, I thought I would just take some pills and get
on with my day. Fortunately, it's quite early on in the semester so the library is
still quiet (at exam time it's absolutely crazy).

                              - This is exactly how I feel... - 

I have been drinking soup and taking vitamins all week to rid myself of the 
cold but it doesn't really seem to be working out for me so I guess it's
just going to take a bit of time.

                                         - University life -

Tonight I'm going to see The Wolf of Wall Street, a film I've wanted to see for
a while now. Cinemas in Scotland do 2 for 1 on cinema tickets on Wednesdays.
Very handy for poor students!

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Lise C H

09.04.2014 kl.16:34

Kan du ta bilder med skjorta oppi jeans med belte til? Eller lage skjortevideo?

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