Man Flu

I have such a bad cold today but seeing as I had some pretty interesting
lectures and seminars on today, I thought I would just take some pills and get
on with my day. Fortunately, it'squite early on in the semester so the library is
still quiet (at exam time it's absolutely crazy).

- This is exactly howI feel... -

I have beendrinking soup and taking vitamins all week to rid myself of the
cold but it doesn't really seem to be working out for me so I guess it's
just going to take a bit of time.

- University life -

Tonight I'm going to see The Wolf of Wall Street, a film I've wanted to see for
a while now. Cinemas in Scotland do 2 for 1 on cinema tickets on Wednesdays.
Very handy for poor students!

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Lise C H

09.04.2014 kl.16:34

Kan du ta bilder med skjorta oppi jeans med belte til? Eller lage skjortevideo?

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