It's Not The Weekend Just Yet...

So I still haven't finished my critical appraisal which is due at 2pm but I'm getting
there - just taking a well deserved cappuccino break!

The roasted chicken was a roaring success, which was just as well
because by the time it was finished we were starving. I served it with
mashed cauliflower which I spiced up with some red pesto. While the
chicken was roasting in the oven, I spoke to my little brother on FaceTime,
which was super cosy! He's currently on a skiing holiday in Sweden with
the rest of my dad's family - I am so jealous!

When I've handed in my assignment, I'm having lunch with a friend somewhere
in Glasgow, I really want to try the new Hard Rock Cafe so we'll see what

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22-year-old Norwegian studying Politics at the University of Glasgow.