Poodles and cupcakes

I love Thursdays because I feel like Friday doesn't really count as a
day haha... This afternoon I'm going to be baking cupcakes with a 7-year-old.
Could potentially get messy. I need to finish the first draft of my essay
first though, it is due on Monday after all.

Some people just have too much time on their hands and photobooth...

Even though it's like zero degress and pouring down outside, I still
decided to wear a dress. It has poodles on it and is way to summery
for today but that's what cardigans are for, right? I'm not overly fond
of wearing cardigans but this country makes it a necessary tool to not
catch pneumonia.

I am getting seriously excited to go to Germany. Our flight takes off from
Edinburgh airport at 0840 tomorrow morning so we'll be up bright and
early. When we land, we're going straight to Haribo land. I'm going to
be like a child in a sweetie shop - literally!

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