Being an adult

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I have a job interview at noon today so I'm sitting in a cafe being all posh and official in a suit, having breakfast and scribbling notes frantically. This afternoon I'm babysitting and then I'm going to chill so hard - university deadlines and job interviews are stressful! If I can, I'll have a little workout before cooking dinner but we'll see.

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Last night, I made broccoli and spinach soup with a bit of lean lamb mince in. Combined with freshly baked whole grain bread, it was delicious.

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20.02.2014 kl.15:33

Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^

Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?

Let me know follow you then back.

Lovely greets Nessa


20.02.2014 kl.16:06

Vanessa: Thanks Nessa, I just followed you :) Really like your blog!


20.02.2014 kl.16:24

Thank you so much for the follow.

Follow you back on bloglovin.

Lovely greets from germany ;-)

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