But it's only February...

I got to university before 9 again this morning, I'm getting pretty good at
this being responsible thing. With the help of lots of freshly ground, jet
fuel strength Brazilian coffee...

- The Osprey bag my mum got me for Christmas is so perfect. I can fit
my iPad, books and pencil case inside it without looking like I'm
relocating to a different country... -

Today is actually quite a nice, sunny day and unless you're near the river
it's not too windy either. A lot of spring flowers are starting to come through
around our flat and near the university and it's making me really look
forward to spring and summer. Maybe slightly premature but I do love
warm weather!

I was working on the laptop pretty late last night and Alan was proof reading
for me so we never managed to have dinner until about 10pm. I know it's
healthier to eat earlier but it's so nice to sit down and have dinner after
the day is properly finished rather than having to rush back to doing essays/
housework. We had chicken with bacon around it (I love that s***!) with
steamed asparagus, mushrooms and kale. We've developed an addiction
to Tesco Healthy Living Maroccan salad dressing so I added a bit of that too.
And when I say a bitI meana lot. It's like the perfect amount of spicy and
goes with any kindof salad or vegetables.

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