Lunch time

I love this jumper. It's very simple but can also be dressy with
a pair of heels and skinny jeans or a tight skirt. It has a cut-out bit in the
back, which makes it a bit more edgy.

There is only one word for our fridge at the moment: bare. It's definitely
time for some food shopping. We did have some left over vegetables
though, and I hate throwing out food so I made the leftovers my lunch
before they go out of date. All I added was salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar
and a tiny bit of Nando's piri piri sauce. It's super spicy so it's very easy
to go overboard and end up with fried taste buds afterwards. I'm guilty
of this because I love spiciness but I try to curb my urge to make everything
unedible for my better half haha.

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