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In the past couple of years, I've become more interested in makeup than I used to be. In my teens, I was a mascara girl, and that was usually the only makeup I would wear for everyday use. However, I get somuch cool makeup as presents that it would be a crime not to experiment.

I don't use foundation every day but I have added eyeliner and eyeshadow to my repertoire. If my skin isstruggling to perform on its own, however, I use Diorskin Nude in shade 010. It's really light so it blends well with moisturiser. Also, my worst nightmare is to have a line where the foundation stops. Thefoundation has SPF 15, so it protects northern skin against the sun as well, provided you're not in acountry that gets an above average amount of sun in which case you need a stronger sunscreen. As for using this foundation as sun protection for my face in Scotland, I think I'll be fine! This foundation was 38 in Debenhams. I'm sure I could have bought it for less online but I needed some consultation in terms of deciding which tone I was going to go for so I kind of had to hit the shops for this one.

The No7 Smoky Rose Quad eyeshadow was my first addition to my everyday makeup bag, sans mascara. I bought this eyeshadow a couple of years ago, and it's almost time to invest in a new one as the warm metallic tones are the perfect contrast to my light blue eyes. It contains a white colour, a pink rose colour, a brown metallic colour (my favourite) and a dark purple colour. They all blend well with each otheralthough the dark purple is practically unused as I'm not a blending-pro yet so I'm a bit scared. I bought this in boots for 2.99 - deal! I don't know if they carry this palette any more but I really hope so because it's almost time for a new one!

My eyeliner is a kohl pencil from the Body Shop in shade Black. I use this very sparingly but it gives me aframe to work with when I'm applying eyeshadow, and it also makes the gap between the mascara and theeyeshadow disappear more easily. The pencil was 8 from The Body Shop, which some might consider expesive for a single pencil but it has been worth it in the long run because I have had this for ages, it's very well made and it doesn't break when I sharpen it.

I like to switch what perfume I use every time I run out because I feel that a lot of scents get boring or a bit heavy when I use them for too long. I used Lacoste Touch of Pink for a long time when I was a teenagerbefore swapping to Nina Ricci Apple and then, last year, No 4 from Ralph Lauren's Big Pony Collection.A few months ago, I recieved two 5ml Miss Dior perfumes which are my current favourites. Also, I amcrazy about the design of the box and it looks so pretty on my bathroom shelf! Like, to the extent that I'msaving this so my hypothetical future daughter can inherit it and think I'm the coolest mum ever... This box is limited edition but this perfume is pretty much available everywhere so happy hunting!

Sooo pretty...

Mascara is the most important thing in my makeup bag, and I was addicted to the L'Oreal False LashTelescopic Mascara for years but more recently, I like a thicker brush and have swapped my old trusty L'Oreal for the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in colour 090 Black. A couple of layers of this, and I always feel ready to start the day (provided I've already had coffee!) 23 from John Lewis.

Last but not least, my only party addition: the 5 couleurs Dior eyeshadow palette in Bleu de Paris 254. This is a super cute little palette but it packs serious colour punch, and creates the perfect smokey eye. It also swtiches things up for me because it's blue, like my eyes, so these colours compliments my eyes rather than being their contrast. 40 from John Lewis.

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