Every day should be Saturday

Last night was pretty quiet but I did get Alan to watch 'The Devil Wears Prada' so surely I get lots and lots of girl points!

This wasn't last night's dinner as I was too busy hoovering my plate to take a picture but Wednesday's. We had a (male) friend over so I thought I'd better make some man food and this is a healthy take on a burger. All I did was mix pepper, salt and two eggs (to make the mince stick together) into lean beer mince before frying the burgers in a frying pan.

I then cooked tomato risotto (from ALDI - I know I should cook my own risotto but this one is already super delicious).

Instead of a burger bun, I made a bed of salad, put the burger on top of it, added the risotto to the plate and sprinkled chopped red pepper over all of it. Simples!

I got coffee in bed this morning so there was no reason not to get up after that haha. I'm still in my pyjamas though but we're meeting people for lunch in two hours so I should probably prioritise getting dressed! We're eating at a World Buffet in Glasgow (not our choice but it should be interesting!) and neither of us have been there before so that will be a new experience.

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