Food from all over the world

The food at the world buffet was actually pretty good. They had Chinese, Indian, Japanese, American - everything!

This evening we're going to a pub called 'The Crooked Arm'. The pub has an old school vibe and a karaoke machine. After a few drinks, we always end up playing Spice Girls songs, 'The Thong Song' and generally just very unclassy songs... We were still full from lunch so I just had a little snack before heading out. Crispbread, cheddar, smoked salmon and pepper. If it wasn't for cheese, I'd look like Victoria Beckham - I LOVE any type of cheese haha.

Falling back on the safe, black pieces of clothes in my closet. This Gina Tricot shirt and Topshop skirt has been worn to tatters for a while now.

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Victoria Wislff

15.03.2014 kl.21:50

nsker deg en fortsatt fin lrdags kveld!

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