After making some pretty unhealthy pancakes for breakfast (hey, it's only Sunday once a week!) we're considering a woodland walk in a village called Bridge of Allan, although we both have the cold so we may end up having a onesie day. Metaphorically, of course, seeing as I don't have a onesie haha.

We were going to the pub last night but ended up at a party in South Queensferry, which is about 50 minutes away from where we live - so random!

There were a couple of little dogs at the house where the party was, and I'm rather scared of small dogs but I held it together haha.

The host of the party works in retail so she gave us all free Benefit makeup. I got a lipgloss, a brow shaping kit and a face powder. I've been looking for a good brow kit for ages but it's tough to find a suitable colour when you're very fair so I hope this one is the right match!

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