Sunday leftovers

We had a lovely walk in 12 degrees and a cappuccino with a friend at Stirling university today.

When we got home, we had a meal made from all the left over vegetables in our fridge before the new week starts. I baked smoked salmon, broccoli, leeks and green peppers in the oven with a bit of chilli, salt, pepper and sweet chilli sauce. I then sprinkled mature cheddar over it, and it was the perfect Sunday meal. So simple, and it meant we had no food waste this week which is really important to us.

I cooked so Alan appealed to my Scandinavian soul by lighting candles ( all Scandinavians are crazy for candles, especially if they're from ikea). He also decanted a red wine 'to let it breathe' cause he learned that it makes a big difference at a wine tasting last week. The gesture and how fancy it looked was worth it but it still just tasted like red wine haha!

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