The River House

So I'm about two hours away from boarding the train to London and I'm getting super stressed because I've left the packing a liiiittle bit late... Last night, we had dinner with Alan's parents at The River House in Stirling. I had the best dinner ever - scallops, chorizo, bacon and asparagus. That's like all my favourite foods in one meal! Also, the restaurant itself is just by the water and looks like something out of an American movie.

I wore this polka dot top that I haven't worn in ages because, well, it's been winter. But last night was relatively warm so, although it was super windy, I went for a crop top, spring trench coat and strappy heels. Let's just say my opaque tights and huge missoni scarf were the only things that saved me!

I'm so ready for my second cup of coffee right now. I guess that detox didn't go so well... Then I'll get out of my pyjamas and pretend I'm a cool adult who's going for a job interview in London!

Alan at The River House last night - steak sandwich out of the way and awaiting a rather sweet sticky toffee pudding.

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