I guess I'm going to the museum

My London trip this weekend is mainly business themed but I'm a bit crazy for London, so when I was booking my tickets I decided to stay for two nights instead of one, just to be in London a little bit longer. And then, a few days later, I had this sudden realization that I'm very broke. No one should be allowed to be broke in London. Seriously, there should be a special fund for that kinda thing. What do you mean no cocktails in Soho or shopping trips to Oxford Street?

Panicked a bit when I was making a packed lunch this morning...

So once I was on the train this morning I got googling. "Free things to do in London". The first page I got to suggested art galleries, museums and parks. We have them in Scotland, and they're mostly pretty boring, unless there's sunny weather and ice cream involved, which I'm guessing there won't be. The second page suggested going to Trafalgar Square. But I've been there before and it's not as if they have free WiFi or complimentary food there. It also suggested going to markets. As if that's going to make me less sad that my bank card may as well be cut into tiny little strips of sadness.

I did realize that I haven't been to the British Museum though, so I decided that will be worth a visit. And apart from that, I guess window shopping on the menu. Oh, and the Diet Coke and Snack A Jacks I packed for lunch. Because nutrition is so important when you've got a big day coming up...

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