Hello London

One delayed train journey, a whole packet of Snack A Jacks and a 1,5 hour walk from King's Cross to where I'm staying and I can finally say I'm in London, safe and sound!

London is warm compared to Scotland today, although it is pretty windy. Hey, at least it's not raining! On my walk from the station, I was in awe of the architecture as usual. The mix between old and new is so strange and amazing, and I'm obsessed with literature about Tudor England so I recognize a lot of places from books about the 15th century - how weird is that?

I also discovered a Topshop and a Hotel Chocolat on my walk. I resisted Topshop but Hotel Chocolat actually had a sale on so I popped in to buy something for my hosts and a little present for Alan, who is sadly working back at home in Scotland this weekend. I ended up with Caramel Cheesecake, Salted Soft Caramels, Chambord Royale and Raspberry Zinger Egglets. It's going to take some serious self restraint not to put all of these in my mouth before I get back to Scotland!

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