See you later, England

I'm getting pretty close to the Scottish border at the minute, and I'm super excited to get home, put on my new & Other Stories outfit from London and go out for dinner with my boyfriend.

My train journey has involved reading vogue once more, a cup of coffee which was basically water and checking out some new tunes on my iPad. I think my new favour it is Arabella by Arctic Monkeys and Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. My playlist was called 'Winter 2014' (my mood is heavily dependent on seasons) but as I was looking out the window, I realised that it's not really winter any more! So my newfound favourite songs got a new playlist called Vrrengjring (spring cleaning in Norwegian).

Tonight, we're going to a restaurant called The Birds And The Bees in Causewayhead. Out friend Anne's mum, who we stayed with when we were in Germany in February, is visiting Scotland so we're having a meal with them.

Some of the views on the journey from London to Stirling have been spectacular. It doesn't look sunny in the picture below but it's been such gorgeous, sun filled spring weather today, which has really cheered me up!

It's so sad but being around other people's parents/siblings makes me super upset - I'm just so keen on my family to visit Scotland because there are so many beautiful things I want to show them!

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