Summer Summary

This summer has been crazy busy, so basically the blog got put on hold. When I signed in today, I couldn't believe my last blog post was in March - it feels like yesterday! Since then, we spent the 17th May weekend, Norway's national day, in Oslo with friends. We went to Radio 1s Big Weekend in Glasgow where we saw Calvin Harris, Katie Perry, the 1975, Bastille, Sam Smith, Lily Allen, Coldplay and Rita Ora, to mention a few. We spent 10 days in a villa in Alicante. My family came over to visit from Norway for my birthday weekend. And we've actually had brilliant weather, which is not a given, seeing as we live in Scotland.

Chilling in the sun at the BBC at the Quay live studios

Glasgow has hosted the Commonwealth Games this summer, so yesterday we went to see the men's hockey finals in the morning, sampled some excellent street food and did some shopping during the day and went to the closing ceremony at Hampden Park in the evening. Kylie Minogue played, which was such a great experience as I've always been a huge fan, and the atmosphere was great - well done Glasgow!

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