Roadtrip to Manchester and Brighton

A couple of weeks ago, we decided we would travel down to Manchester and then Brighton for a long weekend. Since neither of us had been to that many places in England apart from London we wanted to travel by car so we could stop whenever we wanted. In advance, we had booked a hotel in Manchester called the Palace, which was truly lovely, with a long historic presence in Manchester City Centre.

Ready to Roadtrip!

We drove down from Stirling in approximately 4 hours - I love that you can go to so many cities in Britain without having to spend too long in a car. Very different from Norway, where fjords and mountains and a general lack of people prevent that haha! When we got to Manchester, we spent the day wandering around the city. One of the most memorable places we visited was an old department store called Affleck's. It had so many old and strange vintage shops in it and although none of it was really to our taste, we did emerge with lots of vintage American candy...

One of the shops inAffleck's

After our little shopping trip, we had dinner in our hotel as we were absolutely starving. The hotel restaurant, tempus, is part of a chain and the food was nothing special but the surroundings was well worth it as the room itself and the decor was beautiful.

Tempus bar and restaurant at the Palace in Manchester

After dinner, we had booked a table at a "secret" speakeasy bar called The Fitzgerald, courtesy of my obsession with all things Great Gatsby. The bar was amazingly cool, with very authentic furniture and a great (albeit not cheap!) cocktail list. We went for the strangest cocktail we could find, called "Airmail". Turns out, our cocktails got served out of an old fashioned suitcase with dry ice coming out of it. After that, we didn't even really care how it tasted as the experience had been so different.

The 'Airmail' cocktail at The Fitzgerald

The next morning, we drove on to Brighton, where we visited the Brighton Pier and stayed with some friends. I had never been to Brighton before, and was very impressed both with the pier (I love all things fun fair themed...) and with the Royal Pavillion. It looks so out of place but I totally want it as my house!

The Royal Pavillion

Alan and I on the Brighton Pier

We drove home in one day, and I have to say that it's probably something we will avoid in the future. An 8 hour drive on mostly motorways was a bit boring, and Alan had very sore legs the next day! On the way up to Scotland, the only stop we had was at the Bicester Village Designer Outlet. Every girl's dream and every man's nightmare haha...

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