The ultimate screwdriver challenge

In the past few months, we have moved house. And now, every time someone mentions real estate, I tell them that I'm never moving again, something I'm deadly serious about! While I love our new home, I now believe those who say that moving is the third most stressful thing to do, after bereavement and divorce. It has, however, taught the both of us many useful life skills. My better half is now pretty handy with a drill, while I've learned not to whine even when my favourite jeans get paint all over them... Furthermore, we learned that one coat of paint is not enough to cover hideous wallpaper. Neither is three. Five might just do it, though.

For a couple of months, there was paint, floor boards and furniture everywhere, and life consisted of 16 hour shifts of trying to make sense of flatpacks. Now that life has resumed some sense of calm, though, decorating bit is the most fun I've ever had - I move things around like it's going out of fashion, just to see where it would look best. Never mind that it only stays tidy for about 24 hours!

All the space we never had before is also great. Our office is such a quiet and peaceful space that, although writing all my essays for university is still pretty boring, I'm almost considering becoming a freelance writer just to spend time there. Very Carrie Bradshaw, only as far away from NYC as you could possibly get!

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Charlotte Kleven

10.12.2014 kl.12:31

s stilig den ble! :-)


10.12.2014 kl.12:34

Charlotte Kleven: Tusen takk! :)

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