Bonfire Night

Going to Ross Priory for Bonfire Night has become something of a tradition for us, and this year was no exception. The building itself is an early 19th century gothic structure on the shores of Loch Lomond, which used to belong to the Buchanan family but was acquired by Strathclyde University in 1971.

The menu is slightly 80's but it just adds to the charm of the place. Most of us chose the braised beef with mashed potatoes but since I was super hungry, I fell for the fajitas, which turned out to be excellent. Afterwards, there was high tea but most of us couldn't face any more food so the cakes were largely untouched! At 8pm, people from the village started arriving just in time for the bonfire being lit and the fireworks display.

The atmosphere at Ross Priory is something else - the house is so secluded, and yet within such a short distance of both Stirling and Glasgow. The house is lit up beautifully, and the rooms have been recently refurbished to restore the interior to its former glory. The house also functions as a guest house, wedding venue and conference centre, and it also sports a games room and a 9 hole gold course. Talk about multitasking!

This was the first year in which Ross Priory has its own professional fireworks display. In previous years, the display has been founded on viewers brining their own fireworks, and I have to say that the professional fireworks were a great improvement, and it also enhanced the safety of the fireworks. Two years ago, the fireworks were cancelled due to poor weather conditions when we went there but this year, we knew that they would go ahead. The number of visitors to the fireworks display increased dramatically because of this, so it really was a win win situation.

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