Wedding Throwback - Getting Ready

There is nothing quite like the morning before your wedding; you're wearing the most amazing piece of clothing you will ever wear, all your friends and family are waiting eagerly to watch you walk down the aisle, and for the first time since you were a toddler, you're not sure if you can remember quite how to pronounce the word "yes" properly. I was very lucky that I had foru amazing bridesmaids - two sisters and two friends - to help me get ready and provide moral support. From the moment we woke up, we were curling, lacing, plucking and painting while also giving our wedding playlist a final sound check. The getting ready part was a fairly home cooked affair. I curled my own hair and did my own makeup, my youngest sister put my hair up for me and my oldest sister dressed me. Apparently that's what you get for choosing to celebrate the biggest day of your life in a miniscule Norwegian suburb, where everyone takes Saturdays and Sundays off - wedding or no wedding!

Our photographer arrived as we were getting ready, and for once in my life I was actually ready first. I put it down to wedding nerves! We were incredibly lucky with the weather. While Norway had suffered from the cold all summer, we had 21 degrees and sunshine. The nicer weather wasn't strictly necessary but it certainly made everything much easier. At 11am, we started photographing the bridesmaids and myself outside, and one of my favourite photos from that morning is the one below, where we all have our backs turned to the camera.

I loved all the little touches that people had thought of ahead of our wedding. The rings were carried by my youngest brother in the jewellery box I got for my chirstening, my sister in law gave me a lucky six pence and I was lucky enough to be wearing the garter that my mother in law used at her wedding. All the details made our day even more special, and made for some lovely photographs.

Ahead of our wedding, I had some amazing help from both our families as well as our friends. My friend Andrea, who really talented at painting and drawing created our monogram and our menus, and made garlands for our candy bar. Everyone helped us set the table, and my mother in law, her best friend and my grandfather built a bar. No lack of initiative there, in other words.

Our wedding favours were a bit of a tribute to the Scottish/Norwegian wedding too. The Norwegians got thistle cocktail sticks with Norwegian flag ribbons on them, and the Scotsmen got viking helmet cocktail sticks with tartan ribbons on them.

Ahead of the wedding, there wasn't a single family member who hadn't cooked, carried, dressed, built, invented, bought or blown something up, and that was the greatest wedding present we could have ever recieved.

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