Halloween - party planning by numbers

Everyone loves a good party but what I love even more is the party planning that happens before the party. The decorations, the cooking, the small details that everyone appreciates before the obligatory punch hits them a bit too hard. It's all totally worth the hassle! Our wedding taught me one important thing about party planning; as long as there is enough food and drink, everyone will be ok. Apart from that, knock yourself out! I am lucky enough to have a husband who is born on Halloween, so I always have an excuse to have a fancy dress party on that occasion. I love everything about Halloween - the unlimited costumes, the candy, the cocktails. But also the fact that it's a great night for kids. We had several little ghosts and witches visiting us and they were all really cute and well behaved!

I take the food and drinks part seriously, and especially the food. This coming from someone who can become the epitome of hangry. There is nothing worse than being at a party and being starving, because you do not know when you will be fed next. Cookies, savoury snacks, cupcakes, pizza, candy. Whatever. Just do it!

Another strict requirement at our parties; everyone has to make an effort. Here, we have Gomez Addams, Wolverine (yes, those are real knives), a prisoner, Princess Fiona, Maverick, Muhammad Ali and a ghost. We have a very diverse group of friends!

Stay in character. I was Morticia Addams but was told by my husband that "my cheeks are too cheerful". So just stay in character. Also, pulling off a tall, dark haired, pale, mysterious woman when you are a petite, blonde, cheruby, cheerful girl is really hard. FYI. Try it and weep!

Case in point. There was only so long I could stop smiling and looking chubby cheeked for. My husband, however, had the actual advantage of looking a little bit like Gomez Addams. I.e. slim, dark haired and the kind of pale only Scottish people can be without being dead. He definitely won the Addams family look-a-like competition in this household!

Finally, we had our very own cereal killer... I am still finding proof all around the house!

Final tip? Have fun. Your guests have arrived, they are all dressed up and they want to spend time with you. If there are any mishaps, you can always dig out your hoover and mop the next day!

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